1. Sign in to your account

  • Use the link in your activation email


  • Click or tap on the large calendar icon on your account's 'homepage'.
  • Enter a Title for your meeting - this is optional, but is helpful for your participants and for yourself to find meetings back within your account using the search function.
  • Choose a date, time and duration.
  • Add an optional Description (Agenda) if required.
  • Recording - set your conference to be automatically recorded.
  • Transcription - have your meeting automatically transcribed by our AI bot 'CUE'. Includes automatic topic tags and keyword search.


  • Set up a Recurring Meeting by clicking on 'Set to repeat' with daily, weekly or monthly options.

  • International participants? Just select Timezones on the first screen of the scheduling process, then click the plus sign to add another location. This will allow you to choose the best option for all invited parties.

  • Security Settings: Create a randomly generated one-time access code unique to this conference call.




  • Start typing a name or email in the ‘To’ field to search through your list of contacts and then hit ‘+ ADD’.
  • OR copy and paste an email address in the 'To' field.
  • You can also remove participants by clicking on 'Remove' next to the relevant contact.
  • If you are inviting someone for the first time, their email address will be automatically added to your list of contacts so you can quickly add them the next time you book a conference.
  • All the contacts listed in the ‘To:’ field will receive an email invite
  • Note that it is not necessary for someone to receive an email invite in order for them to take part in your conference
  • Select the STAR icon to make them a moderator.

    Everyone with the STAR beside their name in the participant list will now have access to all the moderator controls, no matter how they join the conference. 

    Note: You can leave the room and the meeting will continue. The conference will only end if you select 'Hang Up' > 'End Call'

    For all those managing an on-line conference and the options available for on-line moderators, follow this link: Managing your conference with the online meeting room


  • Your ‘Primary number/s’ will automatically be selected.
  • Search or scroll to select local country numbers for international participants.
  • Premium 800 (toll-free) - provide a number where caller's will be guaranteed not to be charged to call in.
  • All numbers you select will be included on the invitation.




  • You can always click on the 'back' button to review the Date, Time, Subject and Agenda of your conference.
  • Once you have confirmed the details are correct, hit 'Schedule'.
  • You and all those added as participants will receive an email invitation with the access code for your account, along with all the details they need to join your conference.
  • 15 minutes before the scheduled start time all invitees will also receive and automatic reminder email.


TIP: If you need to set up a meeting on the fly or prefer to use an in house scheduling system, you can also easily copy your conference details from your account homepage via the 'Copy Details' button on the top left. Then use ‘ctrl V’ or right click and paste this into an email or other messaging service. You can also find and copy these details via the ‘Dial-In Information’ button. Here you will also find the full list of dial-in numbers if you need to provide a local international number.